Senbay is a new media using a sensor data embedded video for sharing experiences. By using Senbay Camera, we can generate a sensor data (e.g., location, heart-rate, and air-pressure) video easily. In addition, the video (Senbay Video) can be quickly shared via existing web services such as video streaming services, SNS, and chart tools. Moreover, sensor data that are embedded in the video are stored as reusable format, then all of the audiences can utilize the data flexibly with synchronized video by Senbay Reader.


Like recording a video, Senbay Camera can generate a sensor embedded video (Senbay Video) easily.


Senbay Video can be shared via existing web services, and managed synchronized sensor data and video simply.


Using the embedded sensor data on the Senbay Video, Senbay Reader produces rich video experiences.

Use Case

Using Senbay, you can record, share, and utilize a sensor data embedded video easily. For example, (1) Senbay Camara on a smartphone allows recording a view from a bike with physical motion/condition data (such as speed, location, vibration, and heart-rate) by just push a record button. (2) Also, you can share the video via common web services like YouTube to all over the world. (3) In addition, audiences can visualize the embedded data as a map, chart, and animation flexibly. (4) Developers can extend the sensing/utilizing method using the Senbay Developer Libraries.



Our software supports iOS, Android, and macOS devices.

Senbay Studio

Senbay Studio allows to decoding/restreaming the embedded sensor on a Senbay Video. The data can be visualized as a map, chart, row data format on macOS devices.

Senbay Reader

Senbay Reader is a sensor data decoding application on an iOS smartphone.

Senbay Camera

Senbay Camera is an iOS Camera Application that allows to recording a sensor data embedded video in the real-time on a smartphone.

Our Team

Dr. Yuuki Nishiyama

Research Associate, The University of Tokyo

Dr. Takuro Yonezawa

Associate Professor, Nagoya University
Masafumi Harada

Masafumi Harada

Dr. Yin Chen

Dr. Yin Chen

Research Assistant Professor, Keio University
Dr. Tadashi Okoshi

Dr. Tadashi Okoshi

Project Assistant Professor, Keio University

Dr. Denzil Ferreira

Academy of Finland Research Fellow, University of Oulu

Prof. Anind K. Dey

PROFESSOR, University of Washington
Prof. Jin Nakazawa

Prof. Jin Nakazawa

Professor, Keio University

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