Senbay Camera Pro

Senbay is a new media using a sensor data embedded video for sharing experiences. By using Senbay Camera, we can generate a sensor data (e.g., location, heart-rate, and air-pressure) video easily. The attached figure shows screenshots of each screen. After starting the app, the main camera screen appears. You just push the Start Button; you can capture (generate) a sensor data embedded video (=Senbay Video). The generated Senbay Video is saved to iOS General Photos App automatically, then you can use it as a common video file. 


Set Quality of Senbay Video

On Setting View, Senbay Camera Pro provides some options for setting a quality of Senbay Video. You can control following options:

  • Video Size: 4K, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480 (Defualt=1280×720)
  • Data Compression: On or Off (Defualt=On)
  • Data Encryption: On (with an Encryption Key) or Off (Defualt=Off)
  • QR Code Opacity: 0-100 (Defualt=100)
  • QR Code Size: 1-100 (Defualt=10)

Activate Sensors

The latest version of Senbay Camera Pro supports the following sensors:

  • Smartphone
    • Location
    • Heading
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Magnetometer
    • Battery
    • Air-Pressure
  • Web API
    • Weather
  • BLE Devices
    • Heart-Rate
    • SensorTag
    • MicrosoftBand2

Also, you can see the real-time sensor data on Sensor Data Preview Window.

Encrypt Embedded Sensor Data

Senbay Camera Pro supports a data encryption function using a key.

NOTE: The encryption is not strong currently. We are developing a data encryption function using Public-key cryptography.

Connect External Sensor via UDP Socket

If your smartphone has a Wi-Fi connection, you can externally insert any data via UDP.  Please set a port (the default port is 8000) with your IP address (the IP address is set by iOS automatically), and turn on the UDP function. By using the function, Senbay Camera Pro works to be a UDP server. A UDP client just sends UDP packets to the Senbay Camera with the IP address and port number.

Connect External Sensor via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


Replay a Senbay Video on Senbay Camera

On the (1) Video Preview Screen, the app re-play the last recorded video with embedded sensor data.

NOTE: This function is under developing. Therefore, decoding speed is not enough.