Senbay Format is a data format for storing data in a QR on the Senbay Video. The format is inspired by key-value format like JSON for extensibility of data. Currently, Senbay Format has 5 version. We recommend you using version-3 (without data compression)  or version-4 (with data compression using Base-122.)

A sample Senbay Format (Version 3) follows:

V:3,TIME:1234,ACCX:0.1,ACCY:0.01,ACCZ:-0.1,MSG:"hello world!"

Senbay Format has reserved common keys as shown in the table on the bottom. Developers can use any keys which are not the reserved for storing data with Senbay Format.

Reserved Key Sense
TIME Unixtime
LONG Latitude
LATI Longitude
ALTI Altitude
ACCX Accelerometer-X
ACCY Accelerometer-Y
ACCZ Accelerometer-Z
YAW Gryo Scope – Yaw
ROLL Gryo Scope – Roll
PITC Gryo Scope – Pitch
HEAD Heading
SPEE Speed
BRIG Brigthness
AIRP Air pressure
HTBT Heartbeat
V Version

If you need more detail information, please refer the following link to our GitHub.